Art Walk Rainier Beach



Artwork, Brand Identity, Concept, Web Design


Rainier Beach Merchants Association, SEEDArts


Emphasis for the inaugural event must be on common ground with an eye on building on the event for the future of the event and the future of Rainier Beach commercial branding efforts. A great opportunity exists to start reshaping the perception of the area and particularly of the RBMA since there is little brand recognition to date. Art walk efforts provide an exciting way to begin to grab attention and build for a positive future.


While the Rainier Beach area has suffered for a number of years from a negative public perception, the members of the community have a strong, passionate and positive view of the community. The greatest initial challenge is to get the residents of Rainier Beach to learn about the business offerings in the community and to support those businesses. By reaching out to them with an art walk that is branded with a universal theme that is either playful or sophisticated, cues will be in place to indicate that Rainier Beach and its merchants are serious about building the community from the inside out.