The Penniless Pub



Artwork, Brand Identity, Concept


Personal Project


When working within a diverse and passionate community, an organization needs to announce it’s position boldly. As a philanthro-pub generating funds to be given back to the community, The Penniless Pub needs to build itself upon a pedestal of trust and loyalty.

With this in mind, we have developed a concept with the simple penny in mind. This coin, when on it’s own has inspired pondering and thought as to the history of this simple item. In a large group however, pennies can be an instrument of wealth and power. A penny means so much to some, while others see them as a throw-away coin. We aim to change that perception.

Using elements of design from the copper coin, we can generate ideas of what The Penniless Pub stands for from a first glance. Using phrases like “In Community We Trust” and “E Pluribus Unum” (Of Many, One), along with the word “Penniless”, the viewer comes to the conclusion that this is a group for the benefit of all.

Looking further into the design of the penny, we see President Lincoln, one of the most respected men in history. We did not want to use his imagery or try to re-define his image for our purpose. However, we did come upon 100’s of his many quotes while researching elements of Lincoln. Using these quotes within our framework allowed us to build the community brand and intellectualize the simple act of sitting in a pub. Pubs or “Public Houses” have always been a place for community to meet and discuss. Lincoln’s positive quotes spread throughout the marketing and internal material lights the fire for conversation inside and outside of the Pub.

All we need is people’s pennies to make a little change." - Us

This concept is a little pipe dream of ours, and we are looking for partners and funding for something like this. If you are a bar owner looking to start something different and give back to your community, contact us. If you are an interested party, please contact us and let’s see how far this can go!