Artwork, Brand Identity, Concept, Web Design


Personal Project


Website creation via Wordpress, Content creation, Recruit and retain contributors, Community outreach and volunteer community involvement, Integration communications through Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and newsletter, Integrated visual components include logo, website, business card, postcards, wristbands, Tagline: Meet your neighbors.

Description, an online community magazine, is the flagship Penniless Project. The ultimate aim is raise the internal and external image of South Seattle by bringing community voices together for reviews, how-to’s & the inside scoop on how neighborly love is helping to build one of the most diverse communities in the nation. The goal was to create non-blog venue that presents a variety of voices from all parts of the community on a variety of subjects. Challenges for Penniless Projects were to find a color to “own” that was energetic, inviting and not affiliated with any single ethnic group.